The Three Key Advantages of Online Debt Support Groups

I’ve mentioned in the previous blog post that there are serious disadvantages with using online debt support groups. If you’re trying to overcome personal financial habits that drag you deeper into a debt hole, you need to join the right debt support group. You need people who will share with you the resources that you need to help you dig your way out.

You also need a warm, open, and caring group that will give you the kind of moral and emotional support you need to weather the changes in your character, that you need to go through to get your personal financial habits in order.

Whenever we’re talking about changing character, we’re automatically talking about a long drawn out process. We’re automatically talking about a process that takes a lot of sacrifice, focus, and discipline. You need the right group to go through this process.

The good news is that online debt support groups do have some advantages that can help you. But as I’ve mentioned earlier, these types of support groups also have severe limitations. You have to weigh their advantages and disadvantages for you to make an informed decision.


No Geographic Limits

It’s easy to get excited about the advantages of live face-to-face debt support groups if you live in a very big city like New York City and its suburbs, or Los Angeles and its suburbs. The problem is if you live way out in the boonies or out in the sticks, your choice of online debt support groups may be quite limited indeed. In fact, there might not be a debt support group within a 100 mile radius. What are you going to do in such a situation? This is where the internet comes out ahead.

When you choose to join an online debt support group, there are no geographic limits. You can be living in Manila and your bodies can be in New Delhi, New York, and Zurich, Switzerland, and for all intents and purposes, you’re still in the same room. You’re still sharing stories that help you deal with your personal financial addiction issues. This is a very powerful advantage that online debt support groups bring to the table. You don’t have to jump into your car and cross state lines just to get the comfort and assurance that you are looking for.


Your Group Can Reliably Hit Its Numerical Targets

For any kind of support group to truly work, you have to have more than two heads. A support group composed of simply two people is not going to cut it. Even a support group made up of three people is a waste of time. So it’s really important to look into online support groups because they don’t suffer from this problem. Since there are no geographical limits, they can easily fill their ranks.

This is not the case with real world support groups. With real world support groups, people meet face to face. Their member availability is limited by people’s busy schedules as well as the rise and fall of overall demand patterns for the services of such support groups. It’s no surprise that a lot of US cities only hold certain debt support groups at different times of the year. These support groups tend to form and break apart quite rapidly.


Text Focus Enables You to Get Down to Core Issues Quickly

As much as you are missing out on a lot of non-verbal signals when you use an online debt support group, you’re also gaining a lot of other things. One of these things that you’re gaining is focus. Since people are forced to type in their issues, they’re more likely to filter out fluff.

They’re more likely to filter in stuff that doesn’t really matter. Instead, you can get down to the core issue that you’re dealing with. Put simply, you are forced to get down to business.

This enables you to save a lot of time with online support groups because the issues are laid out more clearly. You can share much more efficiently. And you can get down to core factors that you can dissect better. This leads to better analysis, and this could possibly lead to faster problem resolution.