The Most Unpleasant Credit Card Advice You’ll Ever Get

There’s just so many personal finance blogs out there. In fact, I would argue that there are too many. The reason why there are too many advice blogs trying to steer you in one direction or another regarding your personal financial is the fact that a lot of them are actually wrong. I’m not talking about a minor error here and there.

I’m not talking about minor mistakes that at the end of the day wouldn’t cause all that much harm to you. I’m talking about serious problems. I’m talking about advice that you should not take or even listen to in a million years. Otherwise, you’re just going to be painting yourself into a tight financial spot.

This is especially true when it comes to credit card advice. Most of us don’t like getting that fat envelope from the credit card company that outlines all the stuff that we whipped out our plastic for in the past month. We don’t like to look at the balance that doesn’t seem to come down.

Most people don’t want to deal with that garbage. That’s why a lot of people are very vulnerable and susceptible to all those faulty advice that you can find at the typical credit card advice blog. Be aware of this because if you are completely clueless about it, chances you are going to be shooting yourself in the financial foot.

We live in the age of convenience

The reason why so many people fall for bad credit card advice is because we age in the age of convenience. Everything has to be convenient. When we order a pizza, it has to be there in 30 minutes or we want our money back. If we order stuff from Amazon, we like our package delivered by drones, so we can rip open the package and enjoy that new trinket or gadget that we bought. Do you understand where I’m coming from?

It’s too easy to feel entitled in this age of convenience. I wouldn’t be surprised if we reach the point where we feel so entitled that we think that chewing our own food is a hassle. I wouldn’t be surprised if pre-chewed or pre-digested food will become all the rage in the future. Of course I’m joking, but you get my point. Where do we draw the line? When will people stop worshiping the false idol of convenience?

This is not meant to be a rant. Instead, this is a cautionary tale because if you fall for these false mindsets, it’s too easy to fall for bad credit card advice.

Fact: Credit cards can permanently keep you bound

Here’s one of the most unpleasant things that you will ever realize about your credit cards. Those shining pieces of plastic are not your friends, not by a long shot. This may come as a shock and you’d rather think otherwise, but this is the absolute truth. You have to remember that your credit cards are essentially short-term loans. Loans are things that you have to pay off eventually. They’re not like scholarships, grants, or free money. They definitely are not lottery winnings.

While you have that purchasing power that you’re able to tap into, you will have to pay the piper sooner rather than later. This is why credit cards can permanently keep you bound in an endless cycle of debt. Too many Americans find this out in the hardest way possible. They’re too rich to declare bankruptcy, but they’re too poor to keep up with the current system. Do you see why so many people are frustrated about their credit card debt obligations?

It’s all about your attitude

You have to change your attitude if you want to get out from under all the negative effects of your credit cards. That really is the heart of the matter. This is why the best credit card advice I can give you is the most unpleasant. You might want to sit down for this. You might even want to keep your eyes wide open because it may come as a shock.

The typical American consumer has at least six pieces of plastic in his or her wallet. Some people have dozens. Well, here’s the advice. If you want to finally take your credit card bull by the horns, subdue it, and eventually dominate it, you need to only have one credit card. There I said it. Lightning did not hit me and the ground did not swallow me up.

This is the best advice for credit cards that you will ever get. Why? Most people would rather run away from it. Most people would rather focus on convenience. They would focus on some cheap shortcut that turns out not to be much of a shortcut after all.

The reality is that you have to focus on discipline for you to gain real financial freedom. If you’re sick and tired of having to worry about the huge debt that you have to deal with at the end of every month, you need to pay attention to my advice. You only need one piece of plastic. If you max out that piece of plastic, then that is nature’s way of telling you that you should stop. You should check your attitude and start focusing on paying off your credit card debt.

There is a certain beauty to having just one piece of plastic. Once you hit your limit, you can then start working on paying down your debt. You don’t get this mental break with the typical American mindset regarding credit cards. People think that the more credit cards they have the better.

This is a serious problem because you are only going to be stepping into financial quicksand. You might think that you have small balances spread out, but you’re only fooling yourself because if you put all these balances together into one giant pile, you’re staring at a massive and intimidating debt load.

I hope you see why you should be alarmed. Do yourself a big favor and just focus on having only one credit card. It would probably take a little bit of adjustment, but take some time to wrap your mind around this concept. Regardless, you need to do whatever it takes for however long it takes for you to get your financial house in order. Otherwise, the consequences are going to be crushing. This is no joke.

You might think that this is theoretical, but you only need to look at what can happen in the future. You may lose your job, you might get sick, or you might declare bankruptcy due to medical reasons. Whatever the case may be, things can change very quickly. Position yourself in such a way that you can bounce back quickly. One of the easiest ways to do that is to simply cut down the number of credit cards you have to one.